November 26th, 2007.

Not that significant of a day for most people, and before I started this blog, I wouldn’t have recognized its significance. But when I was doing a little research, I discovered this was the day before FOX aired the BONES episode, Santa in the Slush. This means 11-26-07 is the last day of my life before I’d ever seen an episode of BONES. I was flipping through my TV GUIDE mag and saw a picture of two people kissing; I thought it looked interesting enough that I fired up the DVR to record.

By the end of the night of the 27th, I had rented Season One. And by the end of that weekend, I’d watched it and had Season Two ready to watch.

And by the time the show came back on the air in April of 2008, I’d signed on to write weekly reviews of each episode for

And by the end of April, 2008, I’d decided not to renew my job as an English teacher in order to pursue a more creative life, including writing, guitar lessons and ceramics class (and let’s just say for the record that the writing is MUCH better than either of those two things), and just a life I could live with.


But from November to April, I didn’t really have anyone to talk BONES with. No one I knew really watched it, or if they did, I didn’t know about it.

But little by little, I got to know other people who loved this show as much as I did. People from all over the world who identified with the main ideas of truth and justice and family and knowledge and intuition and all of that.

Part of this blog is about that. Making connections and expressing my opinions on the two and a half seasons of BONES I’ve not had the privilege of reviewing publicly.

But it’s also a chance to celebrate a great show that is reaching its 100th episode soon.

So yes, 11-26-2007 was the last day I didn’t know who David Boreanaz was. But in some ways, it was also the last day before I really began to learn who I was.


I have a few questions I’d like to answer as I take this trip down BONES memory lane.

1. Is there any evidence to suggest that Zack really would do what he did at the end of Season Three?

2. Who exactly WAS Dr. Wyatt talking about in Mayhem on the Cross?

3. Which corpse/victim is the most disgusting in BONES history?


Thanks for taking the time to read!




6 Responses to “What’s the point?”

  1. spezzella Says:

    I’ve been reading your reviews on GMMR for a while now. Looking forward to what you’re doing on this blog!

  2. Gum Says:

    YAY! Can’t wait Seels! Should be a blast. Good luck finding the answers to those questions!The gouged eye plus autopsy from Museum tested my stomach of steel.

  3. Tammyquest Says:

    Wow, that is such an amazing story! I know that well crafted shows that create truly believable characters like Bones has do effect change but it is really refreshing to hear about such an event from one who was touched. 🙂 I have really enjoyed the first couple of days (I’m trying to catch up today) and look forward to your insights throughout the countdown! I keep passing your addy on because this is exciting!!! *grin*

  4. sussy Says:

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing these! I look forward to reading them each day when I get home. I totally agree with everything you say! I can’t wait for number 100!!!


  5. gemlily5 Says:

    Please let me know how I can follow your Bones blog.I am obsessed with this classic of a show.I can’t wait for the new updates.

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Keep going with the great reviews I love reading them😉😉😉

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